Announcing the Winners of our 2015 Website Giveaway

Announcing the Winners of our 2015 Website Giveaway

After poring through all the entries for our 2015 Website Giveaway, our congratulations go out to

  1. Usman,
  2. Nathan,
  3. Ibrahim Wasiu,
  4. Raji Rabiiu and
  5. David Jay 🙂

By earning top prize, each, if still interested, will be receiving a free website design from us.

Congratulations Guys.


Seeing that we got very few entries for our giveaway for 2015 we have decided to declare all contestants winners . How cool is that?  😉

Here is a screenshot of all entries for our 2015 Website Giveaway.

Winners will still be contacted via email and text message using the provided contact details.

Here is a summary of what our winners are entitled to

  • A website design which could be just a website (static or dynamic), a blog or an e-commerce site.
  • If a website, we will build a website of not more than 10 pages.
  • If a blog we would create a self-hosted blog and add not more than 20 blog posts.
  • If an e-commerce site we will add up to 20 products in the store.
  • Also we will train each winner on how to update and manage their website which will include adding more pages, posts or products.
  • Yes, of course, we can manage and maintain your new website, for you, for an additional fee.

Congrats once more! 😀

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